To contact the creator and administrator of this website, click on this link. Your email application will open and you will be able to send me a message from the email address of your choice (which will be  as visible as mine is, so be warned).

As I point  in the "About..." page of my main website, this is a personal initiative that I take care of in my spare time and without a commitment to anyone. If you have a question and it is within my abilities, I will try to answer with the following conditions:

  • I will answer after looking at the mail. I do not do look at it every day.
  • I will reply only if you have taken the trouble to wite an understandable and polite enough message. I do not waste my time trying to guess what might happen to a sender who does not describe the components of a situation and or the steps he has taken and who does not even write complete sentences.
  • I will not reply to messages with attachments if we have not agreed about sending them.
  • I will not answer to illegal requests.
  • Anybody who trespasses these limitations (especially the last two) will most likely be added to the spam list and I will block them.
  • If I don't know the answer about an issue in this complex world, I have no trouble admitting it and the answer will be "I don't know".
  • The result of applying to your work any answer I may give is your only responsibility, not mine. My opinions are worth what they cost (zero), so whether or not to apply them to your work is up to you.

Yours sincerely,

Gustavo Sánchez